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    Company Name: OÜ Wineco
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Construction and reconstruction

Looking for a general construction partner, who would be reliable, hardworking and correct, and who would have an international reach?

Wineco OÜ carries out general contracting of construction projects both in Estonia and in Scandinavia in which we offer in addition to integrated solutions also a strategic advice. Based on our many years of international experience, we can say that the proverb “measure twice, cut once” is true, especially in the construction industry. Throughout the whole of Europe.

With our service offering, we follow the European standards and are very demanding. Thanks to this, our activities are of a high quality and standard. A customer is our priority; the integrated solutions are carried out in accordance with a contracting entity’s needs. If you need professionals for project preparation, design and construction and the interior design, then Wineco is the right choice. During the warranty period, all of our customers are entitled to our service, at the international level.

Our general construction service includes the construction of various buildings, starting with

– commercial and office buildings;
– retail and entertainment centres;
– ending with hotels and spas, and
– residential and public buildings.

We also offer the construction and design of specific industrial facilities, and consultation thereof.

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